… He is truly an exceptional, amazing and awesome agent!

Jeff is a rockstar agent! Where do I begin? I can’t say enough great things about him… He’s never too busy for his clients. He proved that to me throughout the recent selling and purchasing of my homes. He gives each of his clients his very best. He goes above and beyond what any other regular agent out there would do. He takes time to stage his clients’ homes and puts his very own creative personal touches on it because he cares that much. He’s so talented! He pours his whole heart and soul into it. He uses most of his clients’ items and furniture but then also includes his own too. He even packs away your items with such care and labels the boxes, as well. And he does all of that because he actually enjoys it! He doesn’t just pay someone else to do it for him. That sounds like the easy way and would be too impersonal for Jeff. He treats his clients like family. He even brings in his own wonderful cleaning ladies. They did wonders on my home. My home was sparkling clean right before my first open house. Also, here’s a big one! He gave up portions of his commission for repairs my home needed and also to help me purchase my new one because there was another offer I was competing with and he wanted to try his best to make my offer stronger. And it worked! I got the property! He did whatever it took to make my transaction work out for the good of all parties involved. What other agent out there would do that? Not many that’s for sure! He sees the big picture and is willing to make whatever necessary sacrifices to satisfy everyone and get them into their next home and next chapter in life. He is definitely one of a kind! I truly appreciated his positivity through it all and him always saying “Let’s think good thoughts!” His outlook of always seeing the glass half full always helps during the stressful times. If I had any questions, he always had answers and if he didn’t he would say let me find that out and I will call you shortly and he kept his word. To Jeff, his word is gold. He never speaks for anyone else and appreciates the same courtesy. At one point, the lender I chose was being dishonest and Jeff called him out on it and defended me and told him to stop with the lies. He comes to his clients’ defense immediately if he sees them being deceived in any way. Also, my movers couldn’t accommodate me at the very end because of a holiday. Jeff jumped immediately into action and found new movers, set it up for me and even helped pay the difference in the cost because they were more expensive. There was also a delay in escrow and I had to stay a couple of extra nights at my home and he paid my buyers for those 2 extra nights I had to stay at the property just for the inconvenience it caused them. For Jeff, it’s not about the money or the amount of commission he’s making. He’s just truly concerned and focused on making his clients happy and making them completely satisfied. He’s selfless! He is truly an exceptional, amazing and awesome agent!

— Elaine Lawlor